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The "PATH OF REMEMBRANCE" consists of 10 CIRCUITS, which help you discover key locations of the Battle of the Frontiers.

Choose the right one for you by checking the map. The circuits range from 35-85 km and are not signposted. In order to plan your route, download the maps or call at the regional tourist office. You will be given a free map, which allows you to combine several circuits. There is no set point of departure and you are free to start wherever you like.

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your visit and getting to know our magnificent region.

Sur les rives... du ton à la semois Pays de gaume et du haut-longuyonnais Pays de la chiers, de la crusnes et de spincourt Du longuyonnais au spincourtois Pays de spincourt Pays du damvillois et du spincourtois De la citadelle à la rotonde Pays de stenay au val dunois Val dunois et stenay Au val dunois



The agenda is an invaluable tool and will help you organise your weekends during the Great War centenary year. It will also enable you to take part in free commemorative and festive events, by providing you with an exclusive à la carte programme!

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Visit our region and the surrounding area

After the Great War, which began 100 years ago, all that remained of this region were battlefields and destroyed villages. In the same place, you will now find idyllic landscapes and picturesque villages. In order to help you visit the region, the CHEMINS DE MEMOIRE project has developed 10 CIRCUITS, ranging from 35 - 80 km. As you pass along the trails, information points will help you find out more about the special and little known history of the Battle of the Frontiers.
You can pick up a free map from the region's tourist offices.

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